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I Keep Moving


Posted by: slopez on August 23, 2012 @ 11:40 am
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After Midnight with Lauryn Hill »


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It’s been a long time coming »

Now that we got the ball rolling with some cool cats, we can begin dishing out the goodness. Here’s a small sample of what’s to come. The After Midnight singers will be available as┬áLimited Edition, specially marked tee’s. There will be few other perks to spice up your purchase, too. We have a few more details to iron out; I’ll make sure to give you guys a heads up for pre-orders. You can sign up for my newsletter up in the top right hand corner to be sure to get the latest info.


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Added new videos »

Two new videos have been added to the video section. I’ll save you the hassle and post them here. More importantly they’re cataloged in the proper section for future viewers. enjoy

Posted by: slopez on July 26, 2012 @ 10:51 pm
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Jungle City Studio Mural »

I caught wreck in NY this month and these are pics of the work in progress. Filming is near completion and finished photos will be taken once new lighting is installed in the area. Total wall space was 41′x8′ which mandated Two weeks worth of real furious painting. The door on the left of me in the first two pics belongs to Alicia Keys. Would you like to see this mural? Unless your delivering food…┬áThis mural is accessible only if you have the proper connections and bank roll. The After Midnight Soul series is def in effect with those official Sunset colors for the dead of winter.

Photog: Cody Wheeler

Posted by: slopez on January 27, 2012 @ 11:52 pm
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After Midnight »

Last nights party comes with a price of being thoroughly exhausted. My body is starting to feel the wear of this lifestyle. For the first time I got an acute pain on the outside of my left elbow, commonly referred to is a tennis elbow. the messed up part is that I already have a golfers elbow (that would be the inside bony part). I’ll be seeing my acupuncturist this week to remedy it. Roxy is her name and she does an awesome job of sticking needles in me. The easier part of the project has been done. The most difficult part is the editing. I like to test myself and find new ways to do an edit. Dj Drez is on the scene and we’ll be figuring out the best way to remix the track for the video. I’m stoked that some of you have written in trying to guess who it is… but most of you will have to wait. I enjoy the video being experience. In the mean time here are some cell phone shots of the business. You don’t think I would snap shots with lyrics or any other hints now, would you?

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