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After Midnight with Lauryn Hill »


Posted by: slopez on August 21, 2012 @ 4:39 pm
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Added new videos »

Two new videos have been added to the video section. I’ll save you the hassle and post them here. More importantly they’re cataloged in the proper section for future viewers. enjoy

Posted by: slopez on July 26, 2012 @ 10:51 pm
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Timeless in NYC (trailer) »

Posted by: slopez on June 26, 2012 @ 10:45 am
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After Midnight »

Last nights party comes with a price of being thoroughly exhausted. My body is starting to feel the wear of this lifestyle. For the first time I got an acute pain on the outside of my left elbow, commonly referred to is a tennis elbow. the messed up part is that I already have a golfers elbow (that would be the inside bony part). I’ll be seeing my acupuncturist this week to remedy it. Roxy is her name and she does an awesome job of sticking needles in me. The easier part of the project has been done. The most difficult part is the editing. I like to test myself and find new ways to do an edit. Dj Drez is on the scene and we’ll be figuring out the best way to remix the track for the video. I’m stoked that some of you have written in trying to guess who it is… but most of you will have to wait. I enjoy the video being experience. In the mean time here are some cell phone shots of the business. You don’t think I would snap shots with lyrics or any other hints now, would you?

Posted by: slopez on March 22, 2011 @ 5:13 pm
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Are you feeling lucky? »

In honor of Badu’s new album, and are letting one individual own a limited edition print of Ms. Badu. The 40″x30″ giclee is signed by the queen herself. Get your writing-chops in order because you’ll have to explain why you deserve it. Contest ends April 25th.

Posted by: slopez on April 8, 2010 @ 12:49 pm
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A few Things here and there »

Earlier this week I filmed the next installment for the After Midnight video series. It was a saucey excursion that hajpgppened at New Puppy Gallery. Without their space I wouldn’t have been able to exercise some new ideas I had in my head. Also, Remember the Souls of Mischief video I made? It finally made the cut and is now being played on MTVU and MTV2. Check out MTV’s site where you’ll see my name credited as… wait for it… wait… DIRECTOR. Soon you’ll see my name in IMDB.

I’ve been juggling a few clients along with a couple of paintings and illustrations the past two weeks. Also tonight I will be at Cannibal Flower for some painting and a group show.

Posted by: slopez on March 27, 2010 @ 1:08 pm
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New video: Souls of Mischief, Proper Aim »

Souls Of Mischief- Proper Aim from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

Some of you that have seen me come up in the ranks of video editing are going to be in for a visual treat. The latest video is in conjunction with the world famous Souls of Mischief and their new album, Montezuma’s Revenge. The PR firm Audible Treats sent out this release:


Souls Of Mischief, the Oakland hip-hop collective and members of the mighty Hieroglyphics Crew have dropped a non-traditional and unusually creative first video from their new album, Montezuma’s Revenge. The video is a souped up time-lapse of artist Steven Lopez painting the Montezuma’s Revenge cover set to the album’s lead single, “Proper Aim.” The album, produced by Prince Paul and Domino, is available via Hiero Imperium Records.

Souls of Mischief have always been groundbreaking musically, and now they are stretching the boundaries of hip-hop videos as well. When was the last time you saw a rap video with no rappers in it? There are no lip-synchs here- only a transfixing peak into what it takes to create a dope art piece that doubles as an attention-grabbing album cover. Sound slow? It’s anything but- in fact, the video’s unusual format allows the viewer an unheard-of degree of immersion into the song. 

Souls handpicked artist Steven Lopez for the cover art, and Lopez had the forethought to record his multilayered process. Lopez, himself a fan of Souls since their debut album ’93 ’til Infinity, was excited to be given the opportunity. When asked to describe his experience working with Souls, Lopez says “when you work with other artists of a high caliber, there is no need to convince or walk them through. They are legit and it didn’t take us long to have faith in each other. The icing on the cake was the fact that these cats are diehard b-boys.” Lopez’s work ranges from street art to collaborations with artists such as Erykah Badu. Lopez attempted to capture not only the group as a whole, but each member’s individuality. “I dislike pictures that are purposely posed so I would talk to each member and ask them to reenact certain memories and moments. Those were the shots that I was looking for. It was like a picture that alludes to another story.”

Posted by: slopez on December 2, 2009 @ 2:37 am
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By Your Side- Cottonbelly Remix »

Lovers Redux from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

You couldn’t get me to leave this joint for any reason. I’m seeing history in the making. Seeing Minnie on stage was a beautiful treat and it looks like Helen is getting back up. Are you kidding me?!? She did a couple songs earlier. It looks like she changed her outfit. That silver dress looks beautiful under the stage lights.

What’s it going to be Helen? What song do you have for us? Can we be blessed with a song we haven’t heard yet? What about a B-side?
I wouldn’t mind hearing, “Maureen”. I love that song! Let me pull out the camera and snap a picture of her. Did you see that? Did you see how she looked into the audience? I wonder what she’s thinking about. Let me get another glass of wine and listen to this woman sing. There’s no doubt that it’s after midnight now.


Posted by: slopez on June 4, 2009 @ 1:07 pm
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Erykah Badu »

Erykah Badu and Artist Steven Lopez collaborate for social change from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

Last week I paid her a visit at her home in Dallas. What a beautiful place. When I walked in I could tell I was in the home of an old spirit. There were so many things to look at. I hung out with her and her left and right hand people. We talked about all kinds of things, energy, water, love and art. She is an analogue girl in a digital world. It makes perfect sense to me. I will be working with her and her team in the near future.

Be on the look out for the prints. They will be available on the eve of April 15th. Think of it like Christmas eve and you should know what day I’m talking about.

Posted by: slopez on March 30, 2009 @ 7:52 pm
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Minnie Riperton- Inside My Love »

Minnie Riperton- Inside My Love from on Vimeo.

She is the queen of hearts. There is a certain caliber of singing that is held by few and wanted by many. Minne Riperton belongs in the top echelon. Her voice is a window sent from heaven. Her singing is an auditory spectacle into the world of unconditional love. I ask myself what is it about her that attracts me to her music? It’s easy for me to say that her vocal range was second to none. But I challenge others to look beyond that and hear the spaces between her words. Her poetry is the effort of love pouring out of her soul. Songs like hers don’t come around that often, if at all. I hope that other singers see her as a standard of what a love song should talk about. It’s an era that she crowned with her voice. I know that this world was meant to catch a glimpse of her. She was put here to show the possibility of a life of love.

I’m glad I was able to make it down tonight. The night club is packed and I hear she might sing a song or two.. I have front table seating, I brought my camera and it’s After Midnight.

Posted by: slopez on March 5, 2009 @ 10:16 am
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